Review One

W3school seems like a fairly good website. The "courses" look like they show you everything about html. t looks like they give you long detailed explanations about how to do the specific and general things. It seems to have many tutorials that are long and excessive. If you need help with html or you are confused in any way i would recommend w3schools


Review two seems like an alright website for leanring html. Its pretyy general when it comes to information. I think it just briefly goes over something rather than going into detail and actually teaching you soemthing. If you already have a general idea of html and your just tryiong to go for a refresher id suggest thats a site that seems like an overview


Review three

Pixel Perfect HTML doesnt seem like the best site. When i first clicked on the site it automatically looks all over the place and confusing. If your in a rush i wouldnt suggest this website. If you had time on your hands enough to figure out how to do this or where to go then this might be a peretty good site. As of right now though it seems all over the place

Pixel Perfect